I have enjoyed my 10 years treating patients in the Chicago area.  Six of those years have been in a solo practice with the best office and rehab staff a guy could ask for.  However, medicine is changing.  Anyone who listens to the news or has struggled to get to the right specialist in their plan or has looked at a hospital bill knows this.  It has become a place of big business, mergers, consolidation and buzz-word marketing.  In spite of all of this, my dream when I opened my practice was to be the old-school doc that listened and educated, that cared more and went further for my patients than any hospital system and made a positive difference in my patient’s lives.  Idealism and humor, philanthropy and compassion have its limits in business though.  It has gotten difficult to sustain my dream as a solo practioner.   Those that know me as a physician, those that really know me, know that I poured my soul into my patients and I actually remember pretty much every one of you as an individual.  I remember your cute kids, your tattoos, your job, your worries and your occasional tear.  I find myself loving each and every one of you in some way.  With anyone I care about, I want them to feel better for coming into my life and my office for their problem in need of help.  I have my own corner of the world treating small problems, big problems, lives and limbs at risk.  Whatever you came in for, I hope I helped.  If I did not, I’m sorry, and please know I tried. 

I need to move on though.  Since I myself was an orthopedic patient 2 years ago I have struggled with pain and health issues myself.  Many of you know that I understand what it is like for you.  In order to self-preserve, love my family and enjoy my life a little more, I need to simplify, move, and albeit hesitantly, close this practice.  If you remember the pictures in my office you know that I love photography, natural beauty and Hawaii.  I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill a sudden gap in orthopedic care in the islands and I took the job. My official closing date is August 16, 2013.  For those who need continued care beyond that date I have trusted colleagues that can help you.  Those names will be provided on this site in the Links section.  Please know that I carry a memory of each of you with me.





Paul M. Lamberti, MD, FAAOS